I Am An Employer


"You can't be for jobs and against employers."


Dear Fellow MCCC Members,

I am writing to encourage you to take part in the MCCC I Am An Employer Campaign to showcase the investment you make in Montgomery County.

As employers, we know that business is a catalyst for positive change. Indeed, that is why we are part of MCCC. Our role as job creators and opportunity providers is critical to the ongoing success of all our residents.

Montgomery County faces a once-in-a-generation election in June 2018. We will have a new County Executive and as many as four new County Council members. Over the next many months, we must continue to make our voices heard.

As we run our businesses, attract talent to the area, and shape the marketplace, we can and will share the perspective of employers – the successes, the challenges and ideas for more opportunity - to contribute to the ongoing progress in our community.



Please use this survey as one way to share how you, as an employer, are supporting the success of our community. We look forward to using your testimonial as a way to advance our message as employers to our elected officials and those seeking elected office.

As Norm Augustine, retired CEO of Lockheed Martin and the 2017 MCCC Business Advocate of the Year said at the 2017 MCCC Annual Dinner in June: “You can’t be for jobs and against employers.” It is our aim to highlight real life examples of employers like you who are a cornerstone of our community.

Lend your voice and your contributions to this discussion at such an important time for our community.

Thank you for your support.



Dusty Rood

MCCC Chair of the Board

President, Rodgers Consulting

MCCC "I am an Employer" Survey Questions


Complete the brief online survey to showcase how you and your organization invest in your most valuable asset – your talent – and how employers can best be supported by public policy makers to accelerate success and growth that benefits the community.

Please answer the following questions to showcase your role as an employer in our community.

  1. Describe how you and/or your organization invest in your employees. (e.g., benefits, professional development, workplace culture, etc.)
  2. What local and state regulations, policies, and/or approaches to the local economy are most helpful to you and your organization to attract and retain talent? Why is this important to you and the success of your organization?

Other information about you and your organization is also requested. See the online survey for complete list of questions.

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