MCCC Business EXCELerator Recap - Dec 1, 2016. “Award Winning Performances and How They Do It.”

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December 2, 2016

The December 1, 2016 Business EXCELerator focused on “Award Winning Performances and How They Do It.”

Todd Marks, Chief- Everything-Officer, Founder & President, Mindgrub Technologies provided an introduction to Mindgrub and its live, work and play culture. Mindgrub is an end to end digital agency with a core competency in digital innovation. With processes deeply rooted in tactful user experience, they build whatever the mind can conceive. Top notch responsive websites, exceptional visual identities, results-driven digital marketing strategies, and integrated mobile applications are among their comprehensive services. They attract and retain talent in a culture and physical environment that breeds creativity and innovation. A “disruptive company,” Todd has built a culture with a core mission, vision and values that create solutions in a dynamic marketplace.

David Nguyen, Founder & CEO, United Solutions, LLC introduced his company as a progressive digital transformation company that makes technology with speed, agility, and precision. They build technology to reinvent management, reimagine workforce and rethink how business and government work together to create social impact. Key to their success is to listen to the marketplace and anticipate market shifts. David’s unorthodox management style democratizes the workplace and allows his team the opportunity to lead and contribute to the company’s growth.

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