MCCC Business EXCELerator Recap - Feb 2, 2017. “Exceptional Customer Service”

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February 14, 2017

The February 2, 2017 Business EXCELerator meeting focused on “Exceptional Customer Service”

Larry Gross, MCCC Small Business Co-Chair introduced Pete Strickland who is the Coach  & Founder of Strickly Speaking. Pete has coached basketball for 31 years, spanning the professional, collegiate and high school ranks. He has mentored, tutored and been a positive example to countless student-athletes, their families, their friends and their associates. He demonstrated how an effective coach continually provides customer service as a leader and provided these valuable tips: listen before you speak, remember names, arrive early to meetings, step back and observe, and make promises you can keep. Most importantly, demonstrate that you are vested in their success, not your own.


Kwesi Rogers, MCCC GovConNet Co-Chair introduced Richard J. Martin, Vice President, Health IT Programs, National Government Services, Inc. Rich is a successful IT Services Executive who balances strategy, business development and delivers excellence to drive sustained growth.  He demonstrated that “good work gets more work” and provided guidance on ways to achieve success as a government contractor. Building trust within the contractor team and with the government program manager is critical. Government contractors must assume the mission of their customers and partner with them to be good stewards of the public dollar. It is essential to consistently provide delivery excellence and customer service, even as the customer mission evolves. He stressed the importance of formalizing processes and systems to become data driven in managing project performance.

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