MCCC Business EXCELerator Recap - Oct. 20. 2016. How to do Business in Private and Public Sectors

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November 1, 2016

Wesley Stith, Vice President and Purchasing Manager, Clark Construction briefly described the history and national presence of the company headquartered in Bethesda. Their subcontractor Development Group is committed to providing economic opportunities that stimulate growth and development for the small business community. Clark mentors small businesses to bridge the gap between presentation and opportunity. They develop achievement plans to meet their requirements. The five key elements to succeed in procurements with Clark is 1) capability; 2) terms; 3) scope of work; 4) schedule and 5) pricing.

Brad Colton, Global Operations Leader, Marriott International described the procurement structures of Marriott’s Corporate and individual hotels. All of their IT services are outsourced.  Avendra leverages Marriott’s corporate buying power to negotiate the best possible deals with key suppliers. As the leading hospitality purchasing company, Avendra aligns procurements with strategic goals and organizational culture.  Hotel General Managers can also be contacted for separate procurements.

Rich Newman, Executive Director of Finance Operations, Kaiser Permanente provided an overview of the organization's robust National Supplier Diversity priorities. The organization spent nearly $2 billion with these suppliers in 2015. Kaiser Permanente builds relationships with partners that add value and bring innovation to Kaiser Permanente’s approach to total health. The organization is committed to buying, building and hiring in a way that benefit the communities it serves, and the organization wants to partner with organizations that share these values. They also look for companies that design and implement new ways to improve the care experience of their patients and caregivers. Audrey Johnson was introduced as Kaiser Permanente’s Manager of Procurement Operations and can be reached at


Doing Business with Montgomery County Government was the topic of the 2nd half of the Business EXCELerator.

Cherri Branson, Director, Montgomery County Office of Procurement views procurement as an economic development function. She distributed “A Pocket Guide to Doing Business with Montgomery County, MD” and similar information is found online at The Minority, Female and Disabled-Owned Businesses (MFD) Program and Local Small Business Reserve Programs were presented. Respectively, $190 Million and $87.5 Million were awarded last year. Participation in these programs is critical to shape procurements that give small companies a competitive edge. If a business has a solution but there is no RFP for it, individual departments can be approached. Their spending limit for each purchase is less than $10,000. It is important to first understand the priorities of each department.

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