MCCC Business EXCELerator Recap - Sept. 2016. How To Tell Your Story

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October 11, 2016

MCCC Business EXCELerator on September 30 once again provided MCCC members with tools to use for business success.  

Ira Koretsky, CEO, The Chief Storyteller® presented “Executive Storytelling: How Leaders Use Stories to Engage, Persuade and Inspire.” A key differentiator in the marketplace for any business is customer service.  Ira stressed the use of effective storytelling to be remembered and to demonstrate your value and that of your organization. When you tell a personal, workplace story, select one that that has a universal message. The best story is one that is easily shared. When developing your story, “start in the middle,” keep it under three minutes, and always inspire your audiences to think or act differently. Your organization can and will be changed by changing the stories executives tell, customers tell, and employees tell.

Gloria Larkin, President, TargetGov presented “How to Tell Your Story When Speaking to the Government.”  Effective storytelling to the government services a range of purposes from getting in the door to winning contracts. Guidelines to write effective capability statements were presented. One-sided statements should include headlines in this order:  Capability Statement, Core Competencies, Past Performance and Company Data. It is critical to present statements that speak directly to the mission of the agency. Use key words found in the RFP, Forecast, Sources Sought, etc. Define your services in the language used by the Agency to describe it. Never lead with your socio-economic status; that belongs in the Company Data section. Restrict the use of graphics, avoid stock photos and limit file size to 1 megabyte. Name the PDF by Company Name, Capability Statement _ Agency. The TargetGov ‘Rule of 3’ was shared i.e. Never meet with anyone unless you have three opportunities to discuss.

A key theme of these presentations is to present your business in a positive, concise and memorable way. Direct business and referrals will result.

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