Recap: MCCC Legislative Affairs Member Exchange Meeting, July 26, 2016

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September 23, 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Guest Speaker: Amie Hoeber, Republican Candidate, Maryland Congressional District 6

Topic: Meet the Candidate Roundtable

Vice Chair Leslie Weber introduced Ms. Hoeber who is running for the House of Representatives. She began by talking about her experience as a small business owner and her role in nurturing other small businesses. This has helped her secure the NFIB endorsement.

Prior to being in business, she worked in the federal government ultimately running the Department of the Army’s research and development. Her leadership and integrity were hallmarks of her career. As someone who has been on both sides of government contracting, she understands how to learn new things.

If elected to serve in Congress, she expressed interest in serving on committees such as Armed Services, Homeland Security, Veteran Affairs and Agriculture (especially in interest of many of the districts constituents).

She is interested in issues of national security and forging better alliances between federal installations like NIH and the bio tech industry.  Fort Dietrich, in Frederick, is also an important asset to leverage. Making those connections is important as no other bases in the country can match the capabilities of Maryland.

In terms of legislative priorities, she expressed interest in reducing regulations, getting the federal government engaged in infrastructure issues and working in the majority party to promote the district’s interests.

As for district presence, Ms. Hoeber said that her goal is to have every constituent be within 45 miles of a district office.

Attendees asked a variety of questions ranging from the Trans Pacific Partnership, the economy in Western Maryland and working across the aisle. 

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