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Verl Zanders Emerging Business of the Year

This award is presented to an emerging company on the leading edge of innovation by creating milestones in technology and/or business that has achieved enhanced earnings and contributed to Metro-Maryland’s reputation as an outstanding place to do business.

Past Winners
2016 Hungry Harvest
2015 Cellphire, Inc.
2014 WeddingWire
2013 Sanaria, Inc.
2012 BrainScope Company, Inc.
2011 GetWellNetwork :)
2010 Sweetgreen
2009 Radius Technology Group
2008 Get Real Consulting
2007 Honest Tea
2006 Z-Tech Corporation
2005 Master Key Consulting
2004 United Therapeutics; Advancis Pharma; 20/20 Gene Systems; Viryxsis; MedImmune; SourceNet
2003 American Film Institute Silver Theatre and Cultural Center
2002 QIAGEN Sciences, Inc
2001 BioReliance
2000 Comcast

About Verl Zanders




In 2008, the  MCCC Board of Directors approved renaming the 'Emerging Business of the Year Award' in honor of Verl Zanders who sadly passed away that summer. For many MCCC members, our first introduction to Verl was on the Business Awards stage in 2006, when Z-Tech, the company he founded was named the Emerging Business of the Year. From 2006 to 2008, he served on the Chamber’s Board of Directors and he was the first Vice Chair of the Chamber’s Small Business Committee.

In 2007, ICF International acquired Z-Tech. Soon after selling his company, he joined the Chamber’s staff as Director of Business Development. We were thrilled to have him on the team.

Prior to founding Z-Tech, Verl worked for more than 30 years in the Federal government as a contracting officer and as a small business representative. Verl was the inspiration behind the Chamber’s GovConNet and was passionate about growing Maryland’s Federal contracting community.

He was an extraordinary mentor to many small business owners. He used the power of his example to inspire others to succeed. Every day, we strive to follow the example he set.

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