Green Business FAQs

How long does the Montgomery County Green Business Certification process take?

The entire process, from the time you open the application to the time you receive your certification, could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. First, your organization needs to complete the application and assemble any supporting materials. Once the application is submitted, the Green Business Team will review the information and schedule a time for a mutually convenient onsite verification visit, usually within a couple of weeks. After the onsite visit, you might be required to provide additional information, but once you have met all of the certification requirements, you'll receive an official certification notification within two weeks.

What is the cost of Certification and how long is it valid?

The cost of certification, which is valid for two years, is $100 for SMALL businesses (less than 25 FTEs) and $250 for LARGE businesses (25 or more FTEs). This is based on the number of FTEs at all locations of your organization, both inside and outside Montgomery County.

What types of businesses are eligible for Certification?

Currently, only Montgomery County, office/retail businesses are eligible for certification. However, if your business does not neatly fit into this category, please contact the Green Business Certification Program Manager so that we can determine whether the office/retail checklist is appropriate to your circumstance. As the program evolves, the intent is to develop additional certification programs for other sectors. We are not currently certifying home-based businesses.

Can a business submit an application for multiple facilities in the County?

Certification is by individual location. This could include an individual facility, a business park or campus with multiple buildings. However, entities with more than one location in the County (e.g. different branches of a bank) need to pursue certification for each location.

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