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Prior to the June 9 MCCC Annual Dinner, MCCC President and CEO Gigi Godwin and other Chamber leaders joined County Executive Ike Leggett and County Council President Nancy Floreen in showcasing a new Ride On bus ad campaign to promote the new Montgomery County Green Business Certification Program. The ad campaign highlights the program’s first 20 green-certified businesses and organizations and encourages more companies to “get on board” the green business movement by getting certified and featured in future promotions.

Watch the Video.

View the full press release for the event.

MCCC is Certified Green!

MCCC is excited to announce that we are now certified through the Montgomery County Green Business Certification Program. Here are just a few highlights of changes we've made to our operations:

  • Environmental policies and procedures have been created and shared with all staff.
  • All copier/printer defaults are set to print double-sided.
  • Glass pitchers will replace bottled water for meetings.
  • Reusable kitchenware has replaced disposables in the office kitchen.
  • A bin of scrap paper has been created for re-use by staff for in-house printing.
  • The coffee machine (20 cups) will be placed on a timer rather than remaining on 24 hours.
  • Signs have been posted at all light switches to remind staff to turn off when not in use.