Montgomery County Business Coalition Urges Sponsors to Withdraw Bill 28-17 until Study is Reviewed

July 27, 2017

Montgomery County Business Coalition Urges Sponsors to Withdraw Bill 28-17 until Study is Reviewed

Rockville, MD – The Montgomery County Business Coalition (#MCMDBiz), on behalf of member organizations that are employers in Montgomery County, are disappointed that some of our elected officials choose to put politics before sound policy.  We believe it is irresponsible to introduce legislation to further increase the local minimum wage on the eve of a six-week recess without understanding the impact on Montgomery County taxpayers. A County-commissioned study on the local minimum wage will be released in a matter of days, and more thoughtful legislation can be introduced with those facts on the table.

Irresponsible Policy Making - The new proposal of a continued increase in the local minimum wage acknowledges the importance of an annual analysis of the impact of this legislation.  And yet, the sponsors are willing to propose this legislation without the benefit of information.  This is an irresponsible way to make policy.

Ignoring Employer Input - Many members of the business community participated in the survey and focus groups that the Montgomery County Government commissioned to gather useful information.  The sponsors of this bill do not seem interested in the considered input of employers nor are they concerned with the potential impact of the proposed legislation on the taxpayers, as the Montgomery County Government will also be subject to this legislation.

Request: Withdraw the Legislation - The Montgomery County Business Coalition requests that this legislation be withdrawn and any further action is postponed until the Montgomery County Government study is released and the public has had time to review the findings. 

A Way Forward - We look forward to working with policy makers on real solutions to create more jobs that offer self-sustaining wages and support the development of our local talent so all our residents have access to opportunities.



About MCMDBiz – The Montgomery County Business Coalition focuses on enacting public policy to create more opportunities for residents and overall success of the local economy. MCMDBiz is made up of non-partisan member-based business associations with interests in Montgomery County, Maryland* representing employers from industries and non-profits across the economy. These are our community’s problem solvers, solution implementers, funders, facilitators, community anchors, board members, philanthropists, job creators, and tax payers who work and employ people in Montgomery County and have impacts around the world. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the economic success of the county and its residents by making Montgomery County, Maryland the best location to start and grow a business.


* AOBA (Apartment and Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington), TGBCC (The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce), GCAAR (Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors), GGCC (Gaithersburg Germantown Chamber of Commerce), GSSCC (Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce), MBIA (Maryland Builders Industry Association), MTC (Maryland Tech Council), MCCC (Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce), Rockville Chamber of Commerce

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